Your Metallum Animae Is Zinc

KEY TRAITS: Usually nurturing, Zincs possess a strong desire to heal people however they can, be it physically or emotionally. They tend to be idealists focused on saving people. They can sometimes come across as arrogant because they don't want to admit defeat in their efforts to do so. However, this stubborn refusal to give up doesn't come from a place of arrogance, but rather from finding the idea of losing anyone a horrific thought. They often have bookworm tendencies, and you can often expect them to remember all sorts of details from their favorite fandoms.

On the downside, Zincs tend to be bad at realizing that sometimes they just need to butt out of something. Just because they feel like they should be trying to help doesn't mean they actually should, and this is often hard for them to accept. They also have a hard time accepting that they must look after themselves before they go trying to look after others. Zincs sometimes have a hard time handling with the reality that just because they pour their hearts and souls into helping someone, doesn't necessarily mean they're owed anything back. This can result in them becoming angry and bitter, and sometimes even manipulative. They're also prone to trying to live their lives according to romantic ideals that sound appealing to them, then getting angry at the world when they don't actually work out.

AS MYSTERANIUM-ENHANCED PEOPLE: Zincs are likely to have healing powers or empathetic abilities. They might also have the ability to manipulate water, or even weather. They're also likely to have defense-oriented powers such as shields. They're also likely to have animal-related powers, such as being able to sense their thoughts.

AS MAGES: Zincs tend to be strong in healing or defensive magic, and they often have a natural talent for manipulating water. Zincs tend to be good at drawing power from the moon or from lakes, rivers, or the ocean.

AS VAMPIRES: While Zincs might find themselves enamored with the romantic ideals associated with vampires, they're very likely to have a difficulty adapting to vampiric life. Few will ever be comfortable with taking blood from anything, and losing people will almost certainly be very hard on them.

AS MERPEOPLE: Zincs' own natural magical inclinations often make them comfortable as merpeople, and the ability to get away for a solitary swim can help them unwind.

AS PROCTORS: Zincs may find fulfillment in serving a patron, particularly if it involves saving people, animals, or anything they believe needs help or protection.

AS ELVES: Zincs may be attracted to the idea of magical healing abilities or being able to communicate with their pets or with local wildlife. Plus, some of them will find the idea of having pointy ears and pretty wings appealing, period.

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