Your Metallum Animae Is Brass

KEY TRAITS: Analytical and patient, Brasses are often able to put long hours into solving complicated problems that most would give up on. They also tend to be excellent long-term planners and plotters, and they're good at seeing the big picture. They often have a great knack for helping people find a place or a way to be useful - which they rarely mind doing as they'd much rather delegate responsibility than work hands-on.

On the downside, they're sometimes prone to mistaking pure analysis and criticism for useful action. Sometimes they end up playing Devil's Avocate when it's really inappropriate (such as when talking to someone who was personally harmed by something or with someone who's simply trying to solve a problem). Another common flaw is a tendency to fall in love with a romantic ideal and try to live according to it even though it doesn't actually work, and even causes more harm than good. They can also have a hard time seeing the small picture and realizing that people have immediate needs that must be addressed in the here and now, and they sometimes overlook the importance of factoring people's emotions into the equations.

AS MYSTERANIUM-ENHANCED PEOPLE: They frequently have powers related to manipulating air, and magnetism isn't uncommon, either. Telepathy, teleportation, and telekinesis happen fairly often. They are also likely to have powers of camouflage and invisibility. They are also fairly likely to have powers relating to mechanics, especially clockwork mechanisms.

AS MAGES: Brasses often have a knack for manipulating air and other gases, and they're often good at scrying. They also tend to be good at illusions. They're likely to be able to easily draw power from the sun or the clouds.

AS VAMPIRES: As Brasses are often patient and responsible, they can make fairly good vampires. They are likely to adjust well to the lifestyle and cause little trouble.

AS MERPEOPLE: Most Brasses who are not already merpeople won't find any compelling gain in becoming one. Still, there's no reason they would especially hate it, either.

AS PROCTORS: Few Brasses enjoy working for a cause that has nothing to do with them and their own lofty ambitions. Some might be okay serving as proctors if they believe they can use it to their own advantage, but for this very reason many genii locorum are wary of entrusting them with their power.

AS ELVES: Brasses who are not born as elves are fairly likely to find the idea of becoming one silly and frivolous. They tend to feel that there's very little that being an elf affords them that they can't get somehow else, and without giving up their non-dairy creamer and Sweet 'n Low.

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