Your Metallum Animae Is Steel

KEY TRAITS: Metals tend to be determined, patient, and mentally and emotionally endurant. They'll set their sights on a goal and go after it no matter how long it takes them, and they'll do it with a strong moral code to guide them. Steels prefer taking a hands-on approach to their work, and they're often happy enough to work under other people's supervision. That said, they aren't just mindless drones - if they find out that the management has questionable motives, you can usually expect them to do something about it.

On the downside, Steels are sometimes too determined - most of them aren't easily able to admit that something is a lost cause and walk away. They're also prone to assuming that everyone should be as resilient as they are, and that those who can't stand up to the pressures they face just need to "toughen up." Another issue they often struggle with is accepting that even they have limits and need to rest sometimes. They can also have a hard time accepting that while their moral codes are usually good, they aren't always perfect, and sometimes modifying or deviating from them is a necessity.

AS MYSTERANIUM-ENHANCED PEOPLE: Their powers are likely to be defensive or protective in nature, such as shields. However, they might have offensive powers as well, such as being able to fire energy bolts from their hands or form temporary weapons. Enhanced strength isn't uncommon among them.

AS MAGES: Steels are likely to have talent in making shields, and they may be good at making magical projectiles. They also tend to work well with stones, the ground, and even actual metals. They're likely to have a talent for drawing power from the earth.

AS VAMPIRES: Steels typically have the patience and endurance to handle the life of a vampire and they are very likely to find the abilities they gain useful, but they're likely to always be somewhat uncomfortable with the idea of drinking human blood.

AS MERPEOPLE: Steels may find mer abilities useful in their endeavors. There's no particular reason Steels would not do well as merpeople.

AS PROCTORS: Many Steels are willing to lend their service to a genius loci if they feel that the cause is justified.

AS ELVES: Steels can go either way. Some might find being an elf extremely useful, but others might find the whole concept silly or pointless.

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