Your Metallum Animae Is Aluminum

KEY TRAITS: Aluminums are typically analytical and curious, and they're nearly always eager to explore, try, and learn new things. They tend to be quick thinkers, so they can easily think and make decisions on their feet. They love making themselves useful and are often eager to volunteer their help or suggestions. They'll usually pour their hearts and souls into whatever they do because they want to leave a good impression.

On the downside, aluminums can also be a bit shortsighted. They might be good at thinking quickly, but it doesn't mean they've thought it through. Thus their hastily-devised plans and schemes can land them in hot water. Their eagerness to impress can make them annoyingly ingratiating, and sometimes they get so carried away in talking about their ideas and opinions that they don't notice they've drowned everyone else out. Sometimes they get so wrapped up in something that catches their interest that they forget that other people have wants and needs, too; or their fascination with the subject overrides their sense of tact and they end up saying something a bit insensitive. ("You have a toenail fungus? What species is it? Can I see?")

AS MYSTERANIUM-ENHANCED PEOPLE: Aluminums often have powers that work on small scales, but are very good for precision work. (And don't think for one minute that their powers are "useless" - they're the ones to figure out how to get devastating results from the most insignificant-seeming powers.) They're also likely to have electrical powers, or powers connecting to machinery (especially electronics.) Teleportation and enhanced aim and/or vision aren't uncommon, either.

AS MAGES: Aluminums are likely to work well with electricity or any small-scale magic, and are fairly likely to have a knack for scrying. They're likely to be able to easily draw power from the clouds, power stations, or even buildings. (However, their impatience can potentially be a hindrance to developing magical skills in the first place.)

AS VAMPIRES: Aluminums may find having enhanced senses useful in their endeavors, but they may also find the need to find and drink blood particularly frustrating if it gets in the way of whatever they really want to do.

AS MERPEOPLE: Aluminums may enjoy the experience and adventure that comes with being a merperson.

AS PROCTORS: Aluminums can serve well as proctors, as it can make them feel useful.

AS ELVES: Aluminums may particularly enjoy being elves for the opportunities it provides for investigation and exploration, plus being able to magically fix things might be right up their alleys. While some might find the disadvantages to be too inconvenient, others will find that the advantages far outweigh them.

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