Your Metallum Animae Is Copper

KEY TRAITS: Coppers have intense emotions that motivate them to act swiftly and decisively. They strongly believe in following their dreams and passions to the fullest, and if they're presented with a good cause to fight for they'll usually throw themselves into it wholeheartedly. Their enthusiasm can become infectious and inspire others to act likewise. They're likely to find themselves at the forefronts and in the spotlights, and they aren't usually shy about being there (though they might find themselves wondering why and how it happened).

But on the downside, Coppers often fail to consider the possible consequences of their actions and end up hurtling themselves (and others!) into failure, and sometimes even disaster. They're also prone to mistaking their first impressions and personal opinions for objective facts, and they can sometimes have a hard time telling the difference between being hurt and being wronged. They can also grow bored and impatient with things very quickly, especially when they don't seem to be progressing as fast as they'd like. They're also prone to throwing themselves into things with so much energy and enthusiasm that they burn themselves out fairly quickly. Sometimes they fail to realize that their enthusiasm and passion is honestly just annoying to some people, and no amount of getting up in their faces with it is going to win them over to their causes.

AS MYSTERANIUM-ENHANCED PEOPLE: Those with Copper natures often have flashy, dramatic powers of some kind. Raw elemental powers of all types aren't uncommon, though fire seems to be more likely than the others. Enhanced speed happens frequently among them, as do powers related to explosions in some way. They're also likely to have powers that relate to machinery, especially combustion or steam-powered types.

AS MAGES: Copper mages often work well with fire and electricity, and some are especially skilled in speeding up time. They also tend to easily draw power from the sun. (However, many coppers find the long-term work magic requires frustrating, and few coppers become mages.)

AS VAMPIRES: Many Coppers are a bit prone to idealizing the perceived thrill and excitement of being a vampire; they may find the more mundane reality of the matter to be a letdown. And while some Coppers may find vampirism to be a useful means to their current ends, they may not adjust well to having to live as a vampire permanently.

AS MERPEOPLE: Becoming a merperson often creates opportunity for adventure and excitement, which suits Coppers well.

AS PROCTORS: Since nothing makes Coppers happier than having something to fight for, many will be more than happy to serve a patron whose cause they feel is just.

AS ELVES: The experience of flying through the air can be great fun for thrill-seeking Coppers, though they might worry that no one will take them seriously if they know that they can transform into tiny winged beings. They're also rather likely to be put off by the need to avoid synthetic food ingredients.

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