Your Metallum Animae Is Iron

KEY TRAITS: Irons are typically extremely patient people and usually have exceptional emotional control and resilience. There's very little that can affect them very deeply unless they want it to. They can potentially use this ability to be a grounding influence on those who are more easily caught up and carried off by their emotions, or to brush off annoyances that others would lose their tempers over. Furthermore, Irons tend to have a deeply empathetic side themselves, and they can be very skilled at assessing what other people need or want.

On the downside, Irons sometimes block out too many feelings, preventing themselves from caring or sympathizing when they really ought to. They can be extremely territorial, and anyone who approaches them in a way they don't like is likely to be met with no end of resistance. They can hold onto a grudge for ages, and on the rare occasion that someone manages to get under their skin they can be very spiteful and petty in their retaliation. Furthermore, they're sometimes all too willing to use their empathetic abilities to ferret out people's emotional vulnerabilities to attack them where it'll hurt the most. And if they're forced out of their comfort zones or have their sense of security disrupted, they tend to become very agitated and can become panicky or aggressive as a result.

AS MYSTERANIUM-ENHANCED PEOPLE: Irons are fairly likely to have powers related to ice or snow. They're also likely to have powers with defensive natures, such as shields or hard skin. They are also known for being able to manipulate the earth and even metal.

AS MAGES: Irons tend to be good at making magical shields. They're also often very good at creating wards and spells designed to make places unappealing to trespassers. They're most likely to be able to draw power from the earth, or from ice or snow.

AS VAMPIRES: Their patient and resilient natures make them good candidates for vampirism. They are easily able to handle the less-than-glamorous realities it entails, and they don't usually mind seeing the world change around them.

AS MERPEOPLE: Irons may enjoy being merpeople for the simple fact that it allows them to get away from people.

AS PROCTORS: Irons will usually balk at the notion of having to carry out anyone else's agenda, and possibly even at the idea of having any sort of obligation whatsoever. However, some may become proctors if it helps them accomplish some personal goal of their own while not requiring them to do anything they don't actually want to do.

AS ELVES: Irons may enjoy being elves if it affords them the means to get away from most people (or talk to something that isn't people), but if not, they'll rarely see any real point to it. (They don't need to be magical to sit around and be stubborn.) Still, if there's something they strongly feel needs done, becoming an elf may be just the means to their ends.

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