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Textual ASMR

Magic Cleanse & Charge
A practitioner of magic helps you cleanse and charge up.

Heart-Mending Magic
A kindly witch uses her power to heal your broken heart.

A Gentle Prince Nurses You To Health
A prince tends to your injuries after finding you in the woods.

A Servant Prepares You For The Ball
A servant helps you get ready for a glamorous night at the ball!

Self-Help & Dealing With People

How To Get In Touch With Nature (It's Easier Than You Probably Think!)
Getting in touch with nature doesn't require anything fancy, and it sure doesn't require living near a forest. Here's how you can do it!

An Anti-Racism Primer For White Folks
A starting point for white people who want to stand up against racism.

Social Tips For The Socially Awkward
A handful of tips for those who struggle with this.

How To Exercise & Strengthen Your Empathy
Empathy, like any other mental skill, can be exercised and built up - even if you're bad at it. Here are some tips!

How To Sharpen Your Intuition
Your intuition can be very useful in helping you solve problems and figure things out. Here are some ways you can try to improve and strengthen it.

"Do My Dark Thoughts Mean I'm Bad?" - No! Here's What You Need To Know
If you worry whether the dark thoughts in your head make you a bad or evil person, read this.

How To Increase Your Self-Awareness & Grow As A Person
Stuck in bad patterns? Can't seem to move forward in life? Here's some help!

Ways To Deal With Negative Emotions
We all get them - so here are some ways to try to deal with them.

7 Ways To Make Yourself A Happier Person
Easy things that you can try to make yourself happier.

5 More Ways To Make Yourself A Happier Person
More things you can do for yourself!

How To Cultivate A Strong Internal Identity
Cultivating a strong internal identity is a hugely important step in building self-confidence and emotional resilience - so here's how you can do it.

How To Make A Decision When Choosing Is Hard
Having trouble making choices? Check this out for tips.

Simple Ways To Brighten Your Life & Exercise Your Imagination
A few easy things to try to combat uncreativity and general bleh-ness.

How To Make A Light Book (A Book To Make Yourself Feel Better When You're Feeling Down)
How to make a book or journal filled with things you can use to make yourself feel better when everything seems terrible.

How To Be A Good Listener & Be Emotionally Supportive
Important essentials to know about this.

Apologizing - How & Why To Do It
A quick and simple guide on how to make apologies that mean something and aren't completely awkward.

The Voice of Reason vs. the Control Freak - The Difference
Far too many people mistake the latter for the former. Here's the difference between them.

How To Spot Abusive & Manipulative People
How you can recognize the kinds of people who will hurt you and so you can keep yourself safe from them.

How To Recognize A Moral Abuser
This is a very insidious type of person who will twist ideals of morality around to control and manipulate others, and it's often very hard to recognize that one is being abused thus.

How To Recognize Gaslighting
Gaslighting is a process of manipulation to make you think that you're a crazy or terrible person when you're not, and it's often very difficult to recognize. Here's how.

Guilt Tripping: What It Is And Isn't, And How To Deal With It
How to recognize guilt tripping, avoid it yourself, and what to do if someone tries to guilt trip you.

Tips To Be A More Interesting Person
Tips to (hopefully) make yourself a more interesting person.

Ways Young People Are Making Themselves Miserable
And what can be done to remedy them.

Basic Tips To Be Witty & Funny
Because anyone - even you - can improve their wit. ;)

We Are Who We Make Ourselves - Who Do You Want To Be?
Ever put much thought into how you want other people to see you? Are your actions really the sort of actions that would make people see you this way?

Curatorial Fans, Transformative Fans, & How Both Can Be Obnoxious
There are two types of fans, neither one inherently good nor bad, but both equally capable of being irritating. Here's what they can end up doing and why they need to calm down.

Conspiracy Theories, Hoaxes, Paranormal, & Science

The Story Of A Former Conservative Conspiracy Believer
Back in the 2000s, my conservative family pulled me into believing certain conspiracy theories. Here's the tale of how they pulled me in, and how I got out.

A Beginner's Guide To Spotting Cranky Websites & Culty Groups
Red flags to watch out for.

Relax, It's Not The Mark of the Beast!
The world might be a terrifying place right now, but one thing you can be sure of is that the Mark of the Beast is not coming. Here's why.

Sketchy Spiritualities & Shady Pseudohistories: What People Need To Know
A lot of modern spiritual beliefs and practices have extremely questionable origins and practices. Here are some things more people really should know about.

Addressing Claims Of Alien Theorists & Believers
Alien theories and alien-focused spiritualities are rooted in many hateful ideologies, so in this article I'm going to explain exactly why their claims are incorrect.

Some Observations On Conspiracy Propaganda
A look at certain ways conspiracy propaganda can manifest so you can be more aware of when someone might be hoodwinking you.

Why New Age Spirituality Even Is Creepier Than You Thought
Far from just being the domain of quirky but harmless hippies, New Age is actually incredibly sinister and serves dangerous and hateful agendas. Here's a look at more ways how it does that.

What Conspiracy Theorists & Bad "Psychics" Have In Common
What do conspiracy theorists and bad "psychics" have in common? Find out here!

So What's The Problem With Starseeds?
The concept of starseeds has been gaining popularity in New Age circles. Is it harmless, or is there a sinister agenda behind it?

What's The Deal With Michelle Remembers? The Book That Started A Witch Hunt
Learn about the book that sparked the Satanic Panic in the late 20th century.

What's The Deal With Atlantis? (And Why It Definitely Never Existed) - NEW!
There's basically only one reason people believe in Atlantis these days, and it's bad. Learn more here.

Tips To Identify Hoaxes, Urban Legends, & Scaremongering
There are a lot of strange and creepy tales going around on the Internet - but how can you find out which ones are true, and which are cooked up by hoaxers and pranksters?

Not All Myths & Legends Are Based In Truth
A look into a few cases that show that sometimes, people do just sit around and make this stuff up.

A Fun Experiment To Disprove Claims of Sinister Symbology
Have you run into one of those websites claiming that a Hollywood film or a music album is full of sinister symbols planted by a secret society? Find out why they're full of crap with this simple experiment.

Myths People Believe About Doomsday Believers
There has been a lot of victim-blaming nonsense going around, and it's time for it to end.

Alexandria's Genesis Is Not Real
And I'm gonna demonstrate why not.


Printable Kana Cards
Printable flash cards for katakana and hiragana.

What Is Cultural Appropriation, Anyway?
An introduction to the concept of cultural appropriation.

Image & Picture Sourcing - How To Do It Properly
What you need to do when posting images that aren't yours on your website or blog.