Fantasy, Science Fiction, & Speculative Fiction Names

Random name generators to cover extraterrestrial explorers, cute critters, wild warriors, and more! (Are you creating characters for a world you made up? The articles on worldbuilding might be useful to you, too!)

Alien Name Generator, 90's
Create random names similar to those in sci-fi shows of the 90's such as Star Trek, Babylon 5, and Stargate.

Alien Name Generator, British
Create random alien names that sound similar to those found in Doctor Who and The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

Alien Name Generator, Retro
Create random alien names worthy of a pulp sci-fi or B-movie.

Ancient Greeky-ish Name Generator
Create names that have an ancient Greek kind of sound for them. Suitable for naming fantasy centaurs, mermaids, and whatnot.

Asgardy-ish Name Generator
Create pseudo-Norse names what might be appropriate for Marvel Asgardians or fantasy dwarves.

Christmas Elf Name Generator
Have some holiday fun and generate some Christmas elf names!

Cyberpunk Name Generator
Generate names with a technological theme for your cyber-city dwellers or District 3 citizens.

Epicool Title Generator
Create epically cool titles along the lines of "guardian of time" and "knight of fire."

Fairy Name Generator
Names for the wee folk.

Fur, Fang, & Field Name Generator
Create nature-centric names.

Fuzzle-Wuzzle Name Generator (AKA the 80's Cutesy Critter Name Generator)
Create rather saccharine names that sound somewhat like the names of certain cutesey characters in the 80's.

Galaxy Far Away Name Generator - NEW!
Not as clumsy or as random as a cat on your keyboard, but an elegant generator for more civilized names!

Latin-ish Name Generator
Create pseudo-Roman names that might be apt for fictional demons or people you just want to have vaguely pompously imperial-sounding names for.

Mesopotamy-ish Name Generator
Create names that sound a bit like something from ancient Mesopotamia.

My Little Rainbow Shortcake Name Generator
Create names appropriate for talking technicolor animals and magical girls who live in pink cloud castles. (Think along the lines of My Little Pony, Rainbow Brite, Strawberry Shortcake, etc.)

The Name Smasher
Blends popular and well-known names together. Has the most pronounceability!

The Name Smasher - Rainbow Shortcake Edition
Blend nouns with real name endings, ala the Sugar Rush characters from Wreck-It Ralph.

Nounverber Name Generator
Generate names structured along the lines of "Skywalker," "Moondancer," etc.

Pirate Namer
Create a respectable (or silly) pirate name for yourself, your crew, your best friend, your dog, your mother...

Quirky Fantasy Name Generator
Created for someone who wanted something to create names in the style of Homestuck wizards.

The Random Name/Word Creator
Create all-new names or words out of the blue for your fantasy or science fiction settings.

The Random Name/Word Creator Mk. 2
Now with 55% more pronounceability!

Retro Fantasy Name Generator
Create random fantasy names with an old-fashioned fantasy flair.

Retro Warrior Race Person Name Generator
Generate names like you might expect to find on orks or Klingon-y types.

Sea Fae Name Generator
Create sea-themed names suitable for ocean elementals, mermaids, nereids, and other assorted sea sprites.

Superhero/Supervillain Name Origin Generator
Not your typical superhero/supervillain name generator - instead of generating straight-up super names, it generates what your super names describe.

The Surname Smasher
Blends popular and well-known surnames together.

Six-Letter Name Generator
For those times when you need names with exactly six letters.

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