Articles & Stories

Everything on what exists in this universe, and how it works; as well as stories set in it.


Nora Kuong's Story
How a teenage girl gets her powers, and what she does with them.

That Time With The Vampires
An immortal from the 13th century meets vampires for the first time. One of them is cute. And someone committed murder. (Eight chapters, 13k words.)

Searching For Magic - NEW!
Following up on That Time With The Vampires, Adry wants to learn more about magic. But nothing's ever as simple as you want it to be - and there's an unsolved murder. (Nine chapters, 18k words.)

Places & Organizations

The National Mega-Threat Research & Response Administration
An organization that relies on individuals with extraordinary gifts to protect the US from extraordinary threats.

Alva, Oregon
An odd town with an unusual history.

Objects & Phenomena

An unusual element responsible for the strange powers that some people develop.

Magic: An Overview
How magic works, and how people become magical.

Magical Tricks & Disciplines Of Note
The nifty things people do with magic.

Techniques & Tools Of Magic
How mages work their magic, and some of the ways they go about it.

Magic: How And Where It's Learned
How mages go about learning their magical skills.

People & Beings

Androids, Constructs, & Other AIs
All the essentials on artificial beings and how they work.

Mysteranium-Enhanced People
People with strange abilities delivered through a curious interaction of mysteranium and high energy.

Pointy eared, magical, and closer to home than you might think.

Genii Locorum
These spirit-like entities can grant amazing power... but is it worth it?

Where these finny people came from, and what they do.

Everything essential to know about the immortal undead of the world.


The History & State of Civilization In Space (As Pertinent To Humans)
What's going on out there in space that's relevant to us Earth people.

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