Character Detail Generators

Need to come up with some abilities and skills for your story's protagonist? Need to round out the personality and backstory of your latest OC? Then take a look and see if there's something here that'll help! (If you're looking for backstory-specific generators, go here.)

Basic Character Family Relationship Generator
Come up with some family members for your character, and how your character relates to them.

Character Buildinator
Create character builds inspired by the name of the Ninja Pirate Zombie Robot trope and Tony Stark's "genius, philanthropist, playboy, billionare" line.

Character Development Question Generator
Get random questions to help you develop your character.

Character Flaws and Weaknesses Generator
Give your character some problems.

Character Interests Generator
Roll up some hobbies and interests for your character.

Character Interests Generator - Unplugged Edition
Interests for your character, sans anything that would require electricity or is distinctly tied to a post-electrical world. Useful for more Medieval-esque Fantasy-type settings.

Character Motivation Generator
Figure out what makes your character tick.

Character Skill Generator
Get some random skills for your character.

Character Speech Feature Generator
Randomly generate features of your character's personal speech pattern and style. Useful for giving your characters unique and individualized speaking styles!

Character Personality Generator
Get a random personality for your character.

Character Regret Generator - NEW!
Generate things your character regrets.

Character Secret Generator
Discover what sorts of deep, dark, terrible secrets your character conceals.

Character Quirk Generator
Generate personality quirks and whatnot for your characters.

Magical Guardian Element Generator
Create elements to base your character's powers on ala Sailor Moon and other magical girl-type shows.

Mer Tail Generator
Generate colorful tails for your mermaids and mermen and whatnot.

Random Thingimifier
A multi-purpose generator that gives a random animal, color, four types of elements (Greek/Classical, Eastern, Squeenix, and the periodic table), flower, fruit, spice, metal, musical instrument, time of day, day of week, and season. Use for things like picking out your characters' favorite/least favorite things, their elements if they need them, and much more.

Pair of Horns Generator
Generate horns for demons, dragons, trolls, and anything else that needs some fancy keratin up on the noggin.

Pair of Wings Generator
Create random sets of wings for angels, fairies, and pretty much anything else that might need a pair of wings.

Scar & Amputation Generator
Generate scars, amputations, and the reasons behind them.

Supernatural Secret Generator
Character secrets with a mystical twist.

Superpower Generator
Powers for your superheroes and supervillains!

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