Other Generators

An assortment of generators that don't warrant their own categories yet.

Boredom Cure Suggestor
Find something to cure your boredom.

Cause of Death Generator
All those murder mystery victims gotta go somehow...

Color Scheme Generator
Get a random color scheme to use for your website, blog, character outfit, or whatever else you want.

Design Theme/Aesthetic Idea Generator
Generate random design theme ideas for room interiors, blog layouts, patterns, costumes, game levels, or anything else you might need a design theme for.

Graded Answer Generator
Answer questions on a graded scale from Not at all > Somewhat > Moderately > Very > Extremely.

Holiday Generator
Create new holidays.

Magic 8-Ball Answerator
Like having your own personal 8-ball without bubbles to get in the way!

Magical Properties Generator
Get a set of magical properties for something.

Magical & Weird Science Effects Generator
Use this to figure out what your strange artifacts or curious concoctions do. Also can be used for superpower and spell ideas!

Memorable Password Generator
Create random passwords that, with luck, will be fairly strong and easy to remember.

Month, Day, & Time Generator
Pick random dates and times for birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, or other events.

Ever wanted to mutate into something really weird? Near-endless comic-like mutations (and other weird effects) are here at your fingertips!

Playing Card Picker
Choose a random card from either a standard 52-card deck or a tarot deck.

Sci-Fi Malfunction Maker
Create malfunctions in Trek-like technobabble.

Sneeple Doople Dop - NEW!
Org urg ordle arple zwabble ud ob eerf oof feef soorble oortle snopple.

Create sillier sports than you ever thought possible.

Symbol Generator
Create random descriptions of symbols.

Yes/No Decider
It's like flipping a coin, but without the coin.

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