Non-Character Name Generators

Generate names for places, countries, ships, objects, and more. (Also, if you're in the process of developing an item for your world that does something strange or interesting, Phlebotinum-Development Questions might interest you.)

Animesque MacGuffin Name Generator
Create names for mystical weapons and magical whatsits like you might see in an anime.

Fantabulous School & House Name Generator
Just what it says on the tin.

Cosmetic Color Generator
Create color names that sound like something you'd find in a cosmetics catalog.

Fantasy Kingdom Name Generator
Create names for fantasy and fairytale kingdoms.

Magic Book Title Generator
Create titles for magical tomes to fill your mages' shelves with.

Mineral, Metal, & Gemstone Name Generator
Generate names for your fictional stones, metals, crystals, and whatnot.

Pirate Ship Namer
Because we can't all be bothered to think up an original name. (Not many real pirates did!)

Place Name Theme Generator
Generate naming themes for streets, school houses, dorms, or anything else you might want themed names for.

Plant, Herb, & Flower Name Generator
Create names for plants and the like.

Spaceship Namer
Names for your spacefaring vessels.

Religious & Esoteric Order Name Generator
Get names for religious orders, cults, mystical sects, etc.

Roleplaying Game Title Generator
Role-playing game titles made easy!

Urban Legend Spook Name Generator - NEW!
Get the kinds of names you find on spooks and monsters in urban legends and the like.

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