Item & Artifact Generators

Come up with random items and MacGuffins for your characters to own or to find in shops, dungeons, or their grandmas' attics; or if you're feeling really ambitious, for you to try to craft in real life. Things to generate jewelry and other accessories (EG, shoes, glasses, masks) can be found in Outfit, Costume, Clothing, & Wardrobe Generators.

If you want to come up with strange and magical things for your items to do, check out Magical & Weird Science Effects Generator.

2D Art Piece Generator
Generate descriptions of paintings, drawings, and the like. Use to create objects for stories and campaigns, or spark ideas for your own art.

Book Generator
Create basic descriptions of books, though you get to figure out what the contents are. ;)

A Bunch of Random Objects
Roll up 3-5 random items. Use them to fill your character's inventory, stock an RP yardsale or second hand store, fill a character's cluttered closet, use as noodle implements, or whatever you want.

Cake Generator
Stock a bakery window or figure out what your character's cake-baking auntie made with this generator.

Candy Generator
Generate random sweet treats!

Christmas Tree Generator
What are the shops displaying this year? What's the next door neighbor put up? What did your character take a shine to put up? Figure it out here.

Christmas Ornament Generator
What kind of ornaments does Grandpa have in his collection? What kinds of decorations are the local stores selling? Use this to generate random Christmas ornaments.

Coin Generator
Create shiny spendables for your worlds.

Crystal & Gem Generator
Figure out what your crystals of power look like, what the local mineral museums display, what's in your latest treasure haul, or anything else you might need gems for.

Doll Generator
Generate all kinds of dolls, from cute to creepy.

Easter Basket Generator
Create descriptions of Easter baskets.

Energy Sword Generator - NEW!
Because sometimes, you need a sword to fight your galactic battles with!

Fantastic Key Generator
Create strange and unusual keys that look like they ought to open to somewhere strange and unusual - or even create curiously key-like weapons, if that's your thing!

Fantastic Gadget Generator
Create descriptions of oddball gadgets - think along the lines of Silver Age comic books, and you won't be too far off.

Fantastic Weapon Generator
Create neat and nifty weapons with a fantasy inclination.

Glass Bottle Generator
Make pretty glass bottles to put potions in, stock shops with, or decorate homes with.

Halloween Jack O'Lantern Generator
Create descriptions of jack o'lanterns.

Hand Fan Generator
Hand fans for to carry around, hang on the wall, or find in someone's trunk.

Magical/Quirky Item Maker
Generate strange and unusual fantasy-type objects! Toy with them at your own discretion...

Magical/Quirky Item Maker Mk. 2
A better script, this one makes items that make a bit more sense.

Magical Girl Weapon Generator
Create pretty and sometimes improbable weapons ala Sailor Moon.

Magic Wand Generator
Generate random wooden wands for witches and wizards.

Metal Generator
Come up with descriptions and basic properties for metals.

Plant Generator
Come up with ideas for fictional plants, be they tiny shrubs or towering trees.

Random Recipe Ingredient Generator
Roll up 3-5 recipe ingredients to awaken your cooking muse.

Random Thingimifier
Roll up a bunch of random things - a random animal, color, four types of elements (Greek/Classical, Eastern, Squeenix, and the periodic table), flower, fruit, spice, metal, musical instrument, time of day, day of week, and season. Suggested uses on the page.

Substance Generator
Create random descriptions of powders, pastes, goos, and liquids. Useful for wizards and weird scientists!

Valentine's Day Card Generator
Don't know what sort of card to send to your sweetie? Let this make a suggestion.

Wacky Weapon Generator
Create weird and wonderful weapons!

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