Tips For Writing More "Masculine" Characters

There's nothing quite so jarring as reading a male character who speaks and behaves more like a teenage girl. Whether the differences are biological or sociological in cause, there are definitely some common differences in the way males and females tend to speak and behave that (at least at this point in time - in the future, as societal norms change, who knows?) typically need to be accounted for.

Please note that I am writing this as a general guide, and not as a guide (let alone a rulebook!) for all male or "masculine" characters everywhere, since there will always be justified exceptions - not every man or "masculine" persona finds slapstick hilarious, for example. That said, if you're writing or roleplaying a male character who is presented as or is supposed to be a relatively conventionally masculine male, you should definitely keep many of these in mind. But do remember - you need not apply each and every one to every male character you have.

(And no, if you are female and you feel that any of these apply to you, I am not implying you are male. Females can and do exhibit all of these traits. The human race is a many-splendored thing, and far less dichotomized than society tends to think.)

So here are some things you might do try make your characters appear a bit more "masculine," though of course they need not all apply to each and every male character. (And probably shouldn't, lest you end up with them coming off as caricatured and cartoonish.)

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