Basic Tips To Get More Racial Diversity In Your Writing

Quite often, casts in stories written by white people end up being pretty much all-white - not necessarily out of any malice by the authors, but because they simply haven't trained themselves to write otherwise. So, here's a list of tips that will make creating non-white characters second-nature before long.

Make characters non-white just because you can.

When you create a new character, ask yourself: does this character really need to be white? If the answer is no, then change it! There's no reason not to have a genius inventor who's Latin, a superspy who's black, or a psychologist who's Asian - so just write one!

Accustom yourself to creating non-white characters.

Take some time and deliberately develop some non-white characters, even if you don't plan to use them at the time. The reason for this is that you'll get more accustomed to creating non-white characters, which will make it easier to create them in the future.

Accustom yourself to writing non-white characters.

Write vignettes or short stories about non-white characters, or roleplay non-white characters when you get the chance. Again, as you get accustomed to doing this it will become more natural to write and create non-white characters in the future.

Remember, just making minor or background characters non-white does not count as inclusion.

Many modern works try to be inclusive by making minor characters non-white, but in the end they're mostly just window dressing. Make non-white characters part the main/regular cast and get them in on the adventure!

Get out there and watch/read what non-white people have to say on YouTube and blog sites.

The reason for this is because you'll be building a mental database of potential inspirations based in reality rather than pop culture. When you decide to create a new character, maybe you'll remember that funny music critic or that dreamy artist. Plus, because people tend to be less reserved on the Internet you'll get often more insights into their thoughts, feelings, and attitudes than you would by meeting these same people face-to-face.

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