Writing, Roleplaying, & Worldbuilding

The Beginner Writer's Kit
A page of links to the articles most relevant to new writers.

Fiction Genre Definitions & Genre-Relevant Article Links
What's the difference between low fantasy and urban fantasy? Which articles particularly apply to science fiction? Go here.

Prose, Style, & Formatting
How should you describe things? What words should you use? How do you spell and punctuate correctly? Find out these (and more!) here!

Developing, Refining, & Troubleshooting Ideas
How to get ideas and determine whether they're any good or not.

Characterization & Character Creation
Articles pertaining to characterization, development, and design.

Plots & Plot Construction
How to develop interesting plots and troubleshoot stuck ones.

Specific Plot Events, Scenarios, & Story Setups
Articles pertaining on writing specific scenarios, from killing off main characters to writing engaging and plausible science fiction and fantasy situations.

General Storytelling & Other Things
An assortment of things that go nowhere else.

Roleplaying Tips & Guides
Articles that relate to roleplaying in particular.

Relationships, Romance, & Shipping
Stuff that pertains to relationships between characters, whether healthy or abusive, or romantic or platonic.

Responsible & Socially-Conscious Writing
Fiction has a huge impact upon society; we need to take responsibility for our words.

Pieces on creating and designing fictional worlds and the things in them.

Marvel Earth-199999
Articles relating to Marvel Comic's Earth-199999 universe, also known as the Marvel Cinematic Universe (or MCU).

Mary Sue & Similar Tests
Tests to detect suefulness in your works.

Premade Worlds
Original settings to roleplay or write stories in.

Stories written or translated by me.