Do You Fit The Trickster Archetype?

  1. Are you genderqueer and/or non-straight and/or enjoy crossdressing, or otherwise exhibit any other non-heteronormative and/or non-cisnormative traits?
  2. Do you frequently find yourself questioning and finding flaws and contradictions in commonly-held values, traditions, and folk wisdom that other people take for granted?
  3. Do you have a knack for finding loopholes?
  4. Do you tend to come up with unconventional solutions and see 'third options' where other people miss them?
  5. Do you tend to rely on wits and/or sheer luck more than physical strength/skill?
  6. Do you believe that laws and traditions can and should be ignored for the greater good?
  7. Does the concept of dualism (eg, a cosmic war between good and evil, or the concept of Yin/Yang) make little to no sense to you?
  8. Do you live by an ethical code that you created or cobbled together yourself, rather than the one the people you grew up around live by?
  9. Are you the kind of person who'd push the big red button just to see what would happen?
Your total is:

0 Points
You're pretty much as far away from trickster-dom as you can get.

1-4 Points
A few trickster traits, though you're on the same level as the average person.

4-6 Points
Above-average tricksterly inclinations here.

Very tricksterly. Very tricksterly indeed.