How Likely Are You To Become A Superhero or Supervillain?

Gauge how likely you are to become a superhero or supervillain based on a careful analysis of comic book characters! (Or rather, how likely you would be to become super if you actually lived in a comic book. Obviously, this quiz is just for fun and should not be taken seriously.)

  1. Could all or part of your name possibly be construed as punny and/or have an obvious meaning (eg, Wolfmann, Stone, Frost), or is it shared by a famous scientific or mythological figure?
  2. Is your name alliterative - that is, do the first letters of your given name and surname match?
  3. Are both of your biological parents dead?
  4. Do you work or dabble in science, or do you work in or around a scientific facility?
  5. Do you have a hobby or interest you persue with great passion?
  6. Are you really good at inventing things?
  7. Does anything that's strange, unusual, or just plain weird frequently happen around your area - eg, mysterious objects seen in the sky, unusually high amounts of eletrical storms, strange creature sightings, etc.?
  8. Have you ever taken an experimental drug?
  9. Do you have extensive acrobatic, military, and/or martial arts training?
Your total is:

0 Points
Sorry fair citizen, but your odds of becoming super are lower than winning the lottery, getting attacked by a shark, and dying in a plane crash combined. But hey, at least you can recycle your trash and donate to the ACLU.

1-2 Points
There is a very, very, very slim chance that you could become super. However, it's most likely that you won't so don't start ordering the Spandex just yet.

3-4 Points
There is a fairly decent chance that you might become super.

Better find yourself a supplier of Spandex if you haven't already - the universe probably has great plans in store for you.