What fantasy creature are you?

1. Would you rather...
Fly through the air
Swim through the water
Run through the forest
Stalk through the city
Hole up in a dark room

2. Which of these are your best known for, or if not applicable, sounds the most fun?
Frolicking about in nature
Taking care of Mother Earth
Being a great hunter
Sucking the life out of everything.
Jumping out at people and scaring them.

3. Do you prefer daytime or nighttime?

4. Who are you happiest hanging out with?
Anyone I find attractive
Children and the young at heart
Hippies and environmentalists
My family
Goths, punks, and other outliers of society.
Nobody. I hang by myself.

5. Pick the color scheme that sounds most appealing:
Blue, turquoise, and orange.
Pink, yellow, purple, and green.
Green and brown.
Black, midnight blue, and white.
Black and red.
Black and... well, black.

6. What kind of pet do you or would you like to have?
A fish.
A bird.
A rabbit.
A dog.
A cat.
Uhhhh... what about lintballs?

7. Which of these do people complain about you the most?
You're too vain.
You're too childish and flighty.
You're too sensitive.
You're too territorial.
You're all take and no give.
You're not sociable enough.

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