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Heir Apparent
"The peace that formerly reigned in Terra Nova has quickly become but a memory. War ravages the continent. Disputes divide kingdoms. The desire for power consumes and devours even the most humble among citizens." - from the site.

Beyond Teleportation
"And perhaps, for a fleeting moment, we had glimpsed the future." - from the site.

Text Based Games Forums
Forum for roleplaying and other text-based games. Non-genre specific.

The War of Riders
Eragon-based roleplaying forum.

The Random Cafe
From the site: "The Random Café is a site dedicated to the freedom of expression through creativity. On our boards, you are free to write fanfiction, roleplay with other users, and express your mind in a journal."

From the site: "Revaliir is about having fun and being creative. Our setting is a high fantasy world with medieval technology, where humans, dwarves, elves, angels, demons, and representatives of many other races work to make their mark in a war-torn world. Make your way with magical talent, martial prowess, cunning, intellect, or blind luck!"

Dark Horizons
Roleplaying site with an emphasis on vampires and werewolves.

Survivor Roleplay
Roleplaying website based on CBS's Survivor.

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