Articles & Stories

Everything on what exists in this universe, and how it works; as well as stories set in it.


Nora Kuong's Story
How a teenage girl gets her powers, and what she does with them.

Places & Organizations

The National Mega-Threat Research & Response Administration
An organization that relies on individuals with extraordinary gifts to protect the US from extraordinary threats.

Alva, Oregon
An odd town with an unusual history.

Objects & Phenomena

An unusual element responsible for the strange powers that some people develop.

Magic: An Overview
How magic works, and how people become magical.

Magical Tricks & Disciplines Of Note
The nifty things people do with magic.

People & Beings

Genii Locorum
These spirit-like entities can grant amazing power... but is it worth it?

Merpeople - NEW!
Where these finny people came from, and what they do.

Everything essential to know about the immortal undead of the world.


The History & State of Civilization In Space (As Pertinent To Humans)
What's going on out there in space that's relevant to us Earth people.

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