Responsible & Socially-Conscious Writing

Harmful Myths YA Fiction Could Stand To Counter - NEW!
Many younger people have some bad ideas about the way the world works and how they ought to behave. Here are a few things that YA fiction could help to correct.

7 Offensive Mistakes Well-Intentioned Writers Make
And some of them are made by highly-respected writers!

7 MORE Offensive Mistakes Well-Intentioned Writers Make
There seems to be no end to them.

Why "It's Just Fiction!" Isn't A Magic Defense
Should "it's just fiction!" be used as a reason to let an offensive or bad story off the hook? The evidence says no.

Basic Tips To Avoid Tokenism
Tips to write minority characters without creating the dreaded Token X Character.

Things in Speculative Fiction That Would Be Unforgivably Offensive If Only Everyone Was Human
Just what it says on the tin.

Basic Tips To Write Subcultures & Minority Religions Better
And avoid making the same mistakes that shows like CSI and Bones make.

Basic Tips For Writing Orthodox Jews
A basic primer on the practices and lifestyle of Orthodox Jews for writers' reference.

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