Which Character Are You?

The ULTIMATE quiz to determine what character you are! Stop hunting for fandom-specific quizzes and take this all-purpose quiz to determine once and for all which character you are in almost ANY fandom!

Have fun.

1. You are mainly...
A fairly outgoing person with a good amount of friends.
A loner-type. (Even if you don't mean to be.)
Supportive and helpful to your best friend, who, in all actuality, is cooler than you.
Pretty all-around normal, with a boy/girlfriend.
Kinda busy studying - your work comes in handy.
Making people laugh... or just annoying them.

2. Let's say you stop at your favorite fast-food joint. You're likely to be travelling with...
My friends.
Probably nobody, actually.
My best friend.
My sweetie.
A book or fellow nerd.

3. While you're here, a pesky monster crashes the place and starts causing havoc. Somehow, you get the impression that the monster is about as strong as your average grocery-store clerk. Think you can take him on?
Of course! At least, I think!
Yeah, sure. I'll give it a shot.
My buddy'll take him!
I don't think so, but my sweetie can protect me.
I may not be very strong physically, but I can probably devise a clever way to get him that doesn't involve physical combat.
I'll throw witty one-liners at him 'til he begs for mercy!

4. Now, pretend you're a CRPG character! Choose a weapon!
A European-style (straight) sword.
An Asian-style sword.
A knife or boomerang.
A staff. (For casting spells.)
A really cool gun.
Whatever confuses the enemy!

5. In the event that an Evil Overlord took over the world, what would you do?
Probably end up setting out on a quest to destroy him..
Look for some bum trying to stop the Evil Overlord and help him out from a distance now and again.
Find a guy who looks likely to overthrow the Evil Overlord and help him out however possible.
Find a nice-looking person who is trying to overthrow the Evil Overlord and help him/her with my healing abilities.
Try to keep everybody cheerful.
Help out any potential Evil Overlord Overthrowers with my goodies and gadgets.

6. Let's say you were kidnapped by an Evil Overlord. What do you think would happen?
My friends would come to rescue me, or I'd figure out a way to get out on my own, preferably with a lot of action along the way.
Actually, I think it's pretty unlikely that I would get captured.
The Evil Overlord would hold me for ransom, demanding that my best friend make some insane sacrifice to get me back.
Same as above... only I'm this person's love interest.
Use the gizmos I carry to escape.
I'd probably annoy them into letting me go. (Villains have no sense of humor!)

7. If you were to coordinate your wardrobe to match one basic color, what would that color be?
I'm a colorful sort - don't ask me to choose!

8. Let's say you could be a superhero. Choose your power.
Enhanced strength, maybe the ability to shoot lasers.
Sharp, pointy things. Really sharp.
Telepathy and/or telekinesis.
Something based off of an element, or some other oddball power.
Enhanced intelligence.
I wouldn't need superpowers. I'm weird enough as it is.

9. Before heading off into the final battle, what's the most likely to come out of your mouth?
A few rousing words or a morale-raising speech.
A love confession.
A strategy you've worked out.
A joke or witty remark.
Not much; what is there to say?

10. How do you usually fare in matters of love and romance?
Pretty well; I've never had a problem.
Okay, but the really hot ones usually ignore me.
Pretty badly. Nobody seems interested in me.
Not sure; I haven't tried in awhile.

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