Personality Quizzes

What's Your Dominant Element? - NEW!
Find out which classical element (air, earth, fire, and water) your personality aligns with.

What Color Is Your Mer Tail?
Find out what color your mer tail is. More results than you can shake a finny tail at!

Which Fairy Tale Heroine Are You?
Find out which of six well-known fairy tale heroines you are the most like.

What Fantasy Creature Are You?
Obligatory fantasy creature personality test. :P

What Kind of Fairy Are You?
Just what it says on the tin. ;)

What Character Are You?
Let's face it - there are only so many character types that can be used in a story. Which one are you?

How Likely Are You To Become A Superhero or Supervillain?
Gauge how likely you are to become a superhero or supervillain!

Do You Fit The Trickster Archetype?
Well, do ya?

What Kind Of Superhero Would You Be?
Find out what your (or your character's, if you want) superhero style would be.

What Kind Of Ghost Are You?
If you were a ghost living in a haunted house, find out what kind you'd be!

The Mary Sue test and similar tests have been moved to the Writing section.