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September 8, 2014: Added Tips For Writing & Maintaining A Horror Atmosphere.

September 6, 2014: Added Things Writers Get Wrong About Bladed Weapons.

September 4, 2014: Added Things About Death, Dying, & Murder Writers Need To Know.

September 3, 2014: Added the Mesopotamy-ish Name Generator and the US State Picker. (Update: Broken links fixed. Sorry about that!)

September 2, 2014: Added the Random Latin-ish Name Generator and the Random Ancient Greeky-ish Name Generator.

September 1, 2014: Added the Creepy Site Generator.

August 18, 2014: Added Things You Need To Do In Your Science Fiction Or Fantasy Story.

August 13, 2014: Added Things To Know If Your Character Will Be Augmented Or Experimented Upon.

August 3, 2014: Added Town & City Development Questions.

July 30, 2014: Added Creating Better Sailor Moon OCs.

July 29, 2014: Added Are Your Characters In Love Or Just Infatuated?

July 26, 2014: Added the Supernatural Secret Generator.

July 25, 2014: Added On Giving Your Characters Flaws & Weaknesses and Starting & Running Roleplays & Bringing In New Players.

July 15, 2014: Added Tips & Advice To Write Better Personality Quizzes.

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July 10, 2014: Added the Elemental Person Generator.

July 7, 2014: Added the Surname Smasher.

July 5, 2014: Added Writing Character Profiles & Bios - Tips & Advice.

July 4, 2014: The last skin's graphics are now available for download!

July 2, 2014: Added the Monster Person Generator.

June 30, 2014: Added Annoying Things In Internet Fiction - Part 2.

June 29, 2014: Added Religious & Esoteric Order Name Generator and the Magical Guardian Element Generator.

June 27, 2014: Added Things Writers Need To Know About Birth & Babies.

June 17, 2014: Added On Plot Structure & Plotting.

June 16, 2014: Added Tips For Making Avengers (And Other MCU/Earth-199999) OCs.

June 13, 2014: Added On Writing Comedy & Comic Relief.

June 9, 2014: Added What Romantic Chemistry Looks Like. A list of behaviors that people who have genuine romantic chemistry might potentially show.

June 6, 2014: Added Things We Need More In Female Characters & Their Stories.

May 31, 2014: Added On Writing Mentally Ill & Insane Characters

May 27, 2014: Added Annoying Things In Internet Fiction.

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