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November 22, 2017: Added Things To Think About & Consider When Writing About Tiny/Miniature People.

November 11, 2017: Added "Help! I Need Ideas For My Story/Setting/Character!" - How To Get Ideas Yourself!.

November 9, 2017: Added How To Convert Fanfiction To Original Fiction.

November 7, 2017: Added Tips To Be A Good Creative Collaborator/Partner.

October 29, 2017: Added How To Sharpen Your Intuition.

October 27, 2017: Added How To Generate Ideas With Playing Cards.

October 26, 2017: Added Tips To Create Fictional Philosophies & Value Systems.

October 24, 2017: Added How To Avoid Making Your Story And Characters Feel Contrived.

October 20, 2017: Added How To Write Well - A Quick Guide.

October 12, 2017: Added What More Characters Should Consider Before Turning, Transforming, Or Augmenting Someone.

October 4, 2017: Added Moral & Ethical System Development Questions.

October 3, 2017: Added the Skelefolk Generator.

October 2, 2017: Added the Bugbear (Hairy Monster) Generator.

September 29, 2017: Added How To Make Your "Incomprehensible" Beings Comprehensible - And Why You Need To.

September 17, 2017: Added What To Do When You Have A Character, But No Plot.

September 14, 2017: Added Where & How Writers Need To Do The Math.

September 10, 2017: Added Copyable Year Lists (1-5999).

August 26, 2017: Added How To Avoid Elitist Overtones In Your Fiction.

August 25, 2017: Added Apologizing: Why & How To Do It.

August 24, 2017: Added Guilt Tripping: What It Is And Isn't, And How To Deal With It.

August 19, 2017: The Random Vampire Generator has been rehauled.

August 18, 2017: Added How To Make The Nameless, Faceless, & Minor Characters In Your Story Feel Human To You.

August 17, 2017: Added How To Write Sympathetic Antagonists Without Endorsing Or Excusing Their Actions, & Without Making Your Protagonists Seem Heartless.

July 21, 2017: Added Factors That Contribute To Abusive & Dysfunctional Systems/Institutions.

July 18, 2017: Added How To Spot Abusive & Manipulative People.

July 17, 2017: Added the Mer Tail Generator.

July 15, 2017: Added On Designing & Writing Oppressive Governments In Your Fiction.

July 12, 2017: Added the RPG Campaign Idea Generator.

July 9, 2017: Added Things To Think About & Consider When Writing Merpeople & Mer Fiction.

July 6, 2017: Added Things Writers Need To Know About Plants & Herbs.

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